"I'm Concerned About My Company's Liability
With This Joint Promotion"


I hear this concern voiced every now and then, so I thought it would be good to consider this idea a little further.

Your client uses the gift certificate for our services and we do a horrible job. Now your client is upset that you ever told them about us and it reflects poorly on your company.

  • Worst case scenario:

What is the likelihood of this worst case secenario? Do the benefits of this promotion outweigh the risk? Please take the following into consideration before answering:

  • You get to sample our service before you ever tell your clients about us!

  • Our work is 100% Guaranteed. We will do whatever is necessary to make sure anyone who uses us walks away with an exceptional experience. It's in our best interests!​​

  • Our insurance is more than adequate and always up to date.

  • We have loads of customer testimonials! We know what others say about us carries infinitely more
    weight than anything we could say about ourselves.

  • Lastly, we have plenty of business owners just like you that have worked with us on joint promotions to their customers. You can ask them how it benefited their business!


As you can see this is one of the easiest and definitely the cheapest way you can advertise and make yourself look good to your clients.


"YES! I Want To Reserve My Certificates...before I miss out by wating too long!"


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